Bracelet Verification

Please wait for your video call before proceeding with bracelet verification process!

Step 1 - Receive Our Text Message

Immediately after your home sleep study has been shipped to the requested location, you will receive a text indicating the estimated shipment delivery date. You will also receive a link to schedule a 15-minute video conference to verify your identity and the proper placement of the patient verification bracelet. Please click this link and select a convenient time when you will have Internet access.

Step 2 - Put On Your Bracelet

During your scheduled video conference, you will attach the Tamper-Proof Bracelet as per the WatchPAT Step by Step Guide (included in the WatchPAT case).

Step 3 - Video Your Driver's License

At the agreed-upon time, please connect to the video meeting per the instructions provided in the text. During the video meeting, you will be asked to video your driver’s license.

Step 4 - Video a Selfie

Then video yourself holding your drivers license with your “bracelet hand”. Make sure the video includes the following four items:

Your driver’s license
Your face
You will also be asked to state your full name
The Tamper-Proof Bracelet

Step 5 - Sibn the Affidavid

Sign an affidavit attesting you are taking the sleep study.

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