The WatchPAT® TurnKey program manages your patients’ sleep apnea care for you so you can get them on treatment fast—without the usual hassles and red tape.
Here’s how it works once you enroll:

Patients at risk for sleep apnea are entered into the program. Then:

PRESCRIBE a WatchPAT® home sleep apnea test for qualied patients

THAT’S IT! The WatchPAT® TurnKey program will take it from there


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Fast, easy, and seamless—you prescribe the test, we can do the rest:

Continuous patient compliance monitoring and support to ensure best-in-class outcomes
  • Designed to enhance the patient’s experience and promote treatment acceptance
  • Digital compliance dashboard available online so you can check on your patients’ status anytime you want
Helps make life easier for you, your staff and your patients

Avoids the headache of preauthorization, billing and reimbursement, with:

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