Don't Wait Months to Diagnose Your Patient's Sleep Apnea

A Difficult Problem

More than 50% of cardiovascular patients in the United States suffer from sleep apnea. However, even though it is known that sleep apnea management may improve cardiovascular outcomes, ~ 85% of those patients remain undiagnosed and untreated.

It's Not Your Fault

When a cardiologist refers patients to sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment, the care pathway is long, cumbersome, and expensive. Due to the limited number of sleep physicians and sleep labs, it’s no wonder that sleep apnea has been underdiagnosed.

But No Longer!

For more information about the WatchPATTM TurnKey program, please complete the form below. An Itamar Medical representative will contact you.

WatchPAT™ Turnkey - A Remote Solution for
Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Treatment

Itamar™ Medical, together with its ecosystem partners, presents a completely remote, seamless, and automated solution to ensure cardiovascular patients are diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea in less than 2 weeks.

WP TurnKey Procedure

How Does It Work?

  • Patients fill out a very short questionnaire. If qualified,
  • Cardiologists order the home sleep apnea test using a secured digital health platform
  • WatchPAT device is shipped directly to the patient’s home
  • Patients do the sleep study within the comfort of their own home
  • Test results are securely uploaded to the cloud for study interpretation and treatment recommendation by a board-certified sleep physician
  • If the patient elects to work with our remote DMEs partners, all necessary CPAP equipment will be sent to those who tested positive for sleep apnea
  • Patients are continuously monitored and supported to ensure best-in-class outcomes along with digital compliance dashboard available to the referring Cardiologists.

Undisputed Benefits Benefits
with WatchPAT Turnkey

  • It’s simple, it’s easy
  • It’s quick! Patients could be on therapy within 14 days!
  • No costs to the cardiology clinic
  • No need to deal with the headache of preauthorization, billing, or reimbursement.
  • No need for a commercial agreement or BAA. You can start today!*
WP 300 Man Sleeping

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*Assuming the account has established BAA with the IDTF that provides the sleep services