WatchPAT Efficiency

Want to know more about our WatchPAT® products and services? Just complete the form below

WatchPAT Efficiency

Want to know more about our WatchPAT® products and services? Just complete the form below

Maximize efficiency across the board

Industry-leading WatchPAT® HSATs can help you optimize the potential of your sleep practice.

Patient backlogs. Limited staff. Time-consuming and inconclusive diagnostic processes. Common challenges that can make it difficult to increase patient throughput and grow your practice

WatchPAT® can change that

With WatchPAT®, you can increase operational, clinical, and economic efficiency to help reach an even higher level of practice success

Helping you increase OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY to accelerate throughput

  • Streamlines workflow
  • Saves you time on sleep study interpretation
  • Frees up staff from responsibilities associated with reusable HSATs
  • Minimizes time for patient training and device setup
  • Reduces and prevents patient backlog

Helping you increase CLINICAL EFFICIENCY with innovative PAT® technology

Looks further than AHI—for a more comprehensive picture of your patient’s sleep status

Central sleep apnea
REM sleep apnea
Sleep stages
Sleep latency
Cheyne-stokes respiration
Insomnia evaluation*
True sleep time
Body position
Positional apnea
Heart rate
Daytime sleepiness evaluation*
RLS evaluation*
  • Makes the testing process fast and easy—to expedite time to treatment
  • Proven accuracy—for a diagnosis you can depend on
*With WatchPAT® with SleePATh® application.
Economic Efficiency

Helping you increase ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY to expand your reach and improve your cash flow

  • Gives you the flexibility to treat as many patients as you want with disposable WatchPAT® ONE
  • Higher reimbursement vs airflow devices
  • Delivers time savings that translate into cost savings per test vs other HSATs

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†WatchPAT® HSATs are powered by advanced PAT® technology that measures AHI and RDI using True Sleep Time, qualifying them for higher reimbursement under CPT code 95800.

Note: Itamar Medical provides this information only for your convenience. It is not intended as a recommendation of clinical practice or as legal advice. It is the responsibility of the provider to determine coverage and submit appropriate codes, modifiers, and charges for the services rendered. Contact your Medicare administrative contractor (MAC) or other commercial payer for interpretation of coverage, coding, and payment policies.

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