Using the Itamar Regional Trade Show Lead App (Lead App)

As we discussed at the NSM it is critical that we get the leads into our marketing funnel as quickly as possible. Once the leads are entered into the funnel, we can further qualify and assign the leads to RSMs or nurture the leads not ready for RSM engagement. 

To Effectively Capture Leads, We Recommend The Following Procedure

During “rush” periods, write down the prospective customer’s information on the lead note pad supplied in the regional meeting plastic container, and snap a picture of the lead’s badge to ensure you get the spelling correctly.

Once the rush is over and you have time, gather your notes and enter your leads into our Lead App. This app is connected directly into Pardot, our marketing automation program.

Using the Lead App is very easy.  First open your browser on your phone and navigate to the following web page:

Bookmark this web page on your phone. Then turn it into a desktop icon by do the following:

– Android – Chrome
Watch Video Here:

– iPhone – Safari
Watch Video Here:

When you click the bookmark or desktop icon, you should see the following screen:

Make sure to click in the first field entitled “Which Trade Show” and select the correct trade show from the “roller menu” at the bottom of the screen.

Please make sure you spell the names correctly and enter the data carefully.  Of particular importance is the additional information (what HSAT and volumes are they using, what issues do we need to solve, who else should we be speaking to etc…) you put into the message box.  After you have entered all the information simply click the “Send” button. The lead information will flow directly into Pardot and Salesforce.