Get a WatchPATTM and Experience the Benefits of True Sleep Time. With WatchPAT’s True Sleep Time, You’re Assured an Accurate AHI. Be Sure You Understand the Changes to the 2020 CMS Fee Schedule.

CMS published its 2020 fee schedule for Home Sleep Apnea Testing. This new fee schedule comes with price changes to all HSATs.

WatchPAT is an innovative Home Sleep Testing device based on the PATTM signal and its ability to report all respiratory indices such as obstructive and central AHI, RDI, and ODI based on True Sleep Time and Sleep Staging without the use of EEG.

WatchPAT qualifies the service provider to CPT 95800 instead of the traditional air-flow based HSAT 95806 code.

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For more information about the CMS decision, you may visit the CMS Website

First and Only Disposable HSAT

- No Return Shipment
- No Cleaning or Charging
- Immediate Access to Sleep Data for Interpretation
- Central Sleep Apnea Identification
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Simple. Accurate. Reliable.

- Intuitive Design for Improved Patient Comfort
- Improved Workflow with One Stop Processing
- 15 Second Rapid Data Download
- Central Sleep Apnea Identification
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