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Look further than AHI

AHI may not reveal everything you need to know1

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While AHI is a critical metric for diagnosing sleep apnea, a single AHI measurement may not uncover these major factors that can impact the treatment pathway:

Look further for: 

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In OSA patients, insomnia can reduce CPAP compliance and is associated with serious health issues2,3

In a clinical study comparing OSA patients with and without insomnia,2 those with insomnia had:

  • More than double the rate of heart disease
  • Higher depression
  • Lower quality of life

Many patients may not adequately report their insomnia symptoms—or even mention them at all4

Look further for:

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Because of night-to-night variability, a single overnight test can lead to an inaccurate diagnosis

Factors contributing to night-to-night variability may include:

  • Classic first-night effect, including increased N1 sleep and decreased sleep efficiency6
  • Variability in sleep position6

*In patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea

Look further for:

  • Distinguishing between obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea
  • True sleep time
  • Sleep stages
  • REM sleep apnea

Imagine the difference it could make to have instant access to all this information

Instant, comprehensive results can mean a faster diagnosis—and a faster path to personalized treatment

Immediate results may help avoid delays due to backlogs, slow shipments, or a patient’s inability to promptly return an HSAT

In a clinical study,7 patients with severe sleep-disordered breathing were more adherent when wait times to treatment were shorter

The same study also found that earlier treatment initiation resulted in7:

  • Higher visit-specific satisfaction
  • Improved clinical outcomes

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AASM = American Academy of Sleep Medicine

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