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The advanced WatchPAT® with SleePATh® app gives you the building blocks to maximize diagnostic speed and efficiency— from a digital screening tool and patient notifications to an automated sleep study report that looks further than AHI.

APPlying our deep experience in the sleep space to transform the diagnosing process

Zoll® Itamar®, a leader in sleep medicine innovations, has designed WatchPAT® with SleePATh® to help you:

Centralize data

Reduce demands on you and
your staff

Keep patients informed and engaged

Fill in diagnostic gaps

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This cutting-edge app enables pre-visit screening, consolidates WatchPAT® ONE sleep study results with subjective data in a single report, and navigates patients throughout their diagnostic journey.

Making an APPreciable difference in your practice with:

Digital questionnaires: Customizable. Comprehensive. Convenient.

Are completed at home and transmitted to our CloudPAT® platform for your review

Gather key subjective
sleep data 

Eliminate paperwork, redundancy, and time-consuming data entry

Support telemedicine, capturing recommended Adult Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation


• Includes STOP BANG
• Assesses for sleep apnea and beyond, including:
  • Insomnia
  • RLS
  • Daytime sleepiness

• Facilitates preauthorization without an office visit

Pre- and post-test questionnaires

• Provide critical insights captured directly before and after testing

Centralized data management: for the full picture in one place

  • Integrates WatchPAT® ONE sleep study results with questionnaire responses in a single automated report
  • Delivers a holistic view that looks further than AHI to enhance diagnostic accuracy
  • Easily accessible anytime, anywhere

Keeps patients APPrised every step of the way

  • Automatic notifications on their status and next steps in the process
  • Automatic reminders to complete questionnaires and sleep study

Streamlining the patient’s full diagnostic journey

Just think: you can save valuable time, enhance care, and increase bandwidth to treat more patients—all with a single app.

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