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For Sleep Apnea Diagnostics in a New Era of Infection Control

Rest Easy with a
Breakthrough Solution

WatchPAT® ONE:
The First Fully Disposable HSAT

Contactless System Eliminates Infection Risks

Ships Directly to Patient

Cloud-Based Technology Keeps You in Contact-Free Control of Patient Care

Fully Disposable After Use

Simple, Streamlined, and Successful At-Home Testing
  • Highly accurate automated results immediately available for your review following test  completion2
  • No complicated and awkward belts and cannulas that can compromise results by shifting or falling off
  • 24/7 patient support from WatchPAT®️ experts
  • High patient satisfaction*
As Close to PSG as You Can Get Without the Office
  • Clinically validated in comparative studies with PSG2
  • Provides data on sleep stages, sleep efficiency, and sleep and REM latency3,4
  • Uses True Sleep Time without EEG to calculate AHI and RDI, rather than Total Recording Time used by most other commercially available HSATs and which is associated with a 20% risk of misdiagnosis5
WatchPAT® ONE: The Right Choice For a New Era of Virtual Care
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