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We often receive inquiries from individuals looking to speak to a healthcare professional about our WatchPAT family of products. To facilitate this interaction we are creating an Internet based Geographic Doctor and Sleep Center Finder on our website. Any individual interested in learning more or desiring to use the WatchPAT, will be provided with a list of doctors and sleep centers in their geographic area who may prescribe the WatchPAT device.

In order to participate in this marketing program, all you need to do is consent to allow us to provide your name and location on our sleep center finder. Please read the consent agreement below and reply to this email in the affirmative using the words: “Yes, please include me in the sleep center finder.” You may opt out at any time.

Itamar Medical WatchPAT Geo-Locator Consent Agreement

  1. I am granting Itamar Medical Inc. and its affiliates, successors and assigns (“Itamar Medical”) the unrestricted right to use, copy, reproduce and modify any of the information I am submitting for the sole purpose of uploading and presenting the information in the Itamar Medical Professional Geo-locator (including my name and any logos, pictures, videos, written or any other materials) (together, the “information”) on the Itamar Medical website.
  2. I am releasing Itamar Medical and its affiliates, employees, agents, directors and representatives from all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with any use of the Materials, including, without limitation, all claims for invasion of privacy, infringement of my right of publicity, infringement of any copyright, defamation and any other personal and/or property rights.
  3. I am agreeing that no compensation whatsoever will be due to me as a result of the use and/or exploitation of the Materials or any rights therein.
  4. I understand that Itamar Medical shall have no obligation to refer to me any patients and/or obligation to any minimum amount of users that will use the Itamar Medical Professional Geo-locator and/or be referred to me.

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