WatchPAT White

Step by Step Guide

With Tamper-Proof Bracelet

WatchPAT 200U - What's In the Box?

The carrying case contains:

  • This reference guide
  • The device with PATTM Probe
  • Chest Sensor
  • Tamper-Proof Bracelet
  • Cable for Tamper-Proof Bracelet

The reference guide will help you properly use the WatchPATTM and Tamper-Proof Bracelet.

Before applying the WatchPATTM

  • Remove tight clothes, rings, watches and other jewelry from your non-dominant hand
  • Make sure fingernail of finger to be used is trimmed
  • Remove any nail polish or artificial nail

Note: Do not put on the device or activate it until you are ready to go to sleep.

Note: Adult supervision may be required to apply the device.

Identifying the WatchPAT Parts

A – ON Button

B – Chest Sensor

C – PAT Probe

D – Cable for Tamper-Proof Bracelet

E – Tamper-Proof Bracelet

Step 1 - Put on the Tamper-Proof Bracelet

1. Loop the band around your wrist over the plastic securing mechanism.

3. Push the top of the securing mechanism down until it snaps.

2. It’s OK to fold excess strap back over the fastener if you wish.*

* Please note: Do not cut the excess of the bracelet until you complete the test!

Step 2 - Applying the Chest Sensor

4. Thread the Chest Sensor through the sleeve of the shirt up to the neck opening.

6. Shave any body hair around the sternal notch. Then using a mirror, attach the Chest Sensor under the sternal notch.

5. Peel off the white paper on back of Chest Sensor’s sticker.

7. Align the main icon to your body and secure it in place with medical tape.

Step 3 - Applying the WatchPATTM

8. Strap the device to your non-dominant hand. Do not close the wrist strap too tightly.

Step 4 - Connect the Tamper-Proof Bracelet

9. Verify that the cable with the red and white snaps is properly connected to the WatchPAT socket.

10. Connect the white and red wires coming out of the device to the white and red snaps on the bracelet. Make sure you hear a “click” when snapping the connectors to the bracelet.

Step 5 - Applying the PATTM Probe

11. Insert the index finger into the probe until you feel the end. If the index finger is too big for probe, one of the other three fingers can be used. Do not use the thumb.

12. Detach and remove the TOP tab while pressing the tip of the probe against a hard surface.

Step 6 - Turning ON the Device

13. Press the blue button firmly until the “Itamar Medical” logo appears on the display. At the end of a short testing period the message GOOD NIGHT!!!, Time elapsed: hours: minutes, and Recording… You are now ready for sleep, will appear.

In the event there is a problem, the message TEST ABORTED will appear.

Note: The LCD will turn off after one minute. Anytime you press on the button the LCD will light up for one minute.

Note: regarding the Tamper-Proof Bracelet

In case you forgot to connect the bracelet and already turned on the WatchPATTM, you will receive the following message: “Connect Bracelet”, “TEST ABORTED”. The device will turn off automatically after one minute. Verify that you have connected the bracelet properly and turn on the device again.

Note: If you need to get up during the night.

Do not remove the device or sensors. If you encounter any unbearable discomfort, remove the device and call the help desk.

Step 7 - After Completing the Study

14. Remove WatchPAT and cut off Tamper-Proof

  • There is no need to turn off the WatchPATTM.
  • Remove the Finger Probe and Chest Sensor.
  • Insert all parts back into the WatchPATTM case.

Disconnect the Tamper-Proof Bracelet from the cables that connect it to the WatchPATTM. Cut the bracelet using small scissors and insert them into the WP case along with the other parts.

Note: Images in the demonstration guide are for the left hand; the same process can be applied to the right hand

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Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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