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AASM Suggests Clinics and Sleep Labs Consider using single-use, fully disposable devices or HSAT delivery service during COVID-19 pandemic.1
WatchPAT ONE, disposable, single-use, home sleep apnea test
WatchPAT ONE, disposable, single-use, home sleep apnea test

WatchPATTMONE, a single-use home sleep apnea test, provides a comprehensive auto-scored report immediately after the study is completed with AHI, Central AHI, RDI, and ODI based upon True Sleep Time and Sleep Staging.

WatchPAT Direct, Home Sleep Apnea Delivery Service

WatchPATTM Direct Increases infection control and expands patient access with no upfront cost and minimal time and effort from office staff by Outsourcing all Logistics.

For more information about the WatchPATTM ONE or WatchPATTM Direct, please complete the form below and an Itamar MedicalTM representative will contact you.

Home Sleep Apnea Test
- No Return Shipment
- No Cleaning or Charging
- Immediate Access to Data
- Central Sleep Apnea Identification

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*WatchPAT Direct Program is compliant with all cleaning and disinfection procedures outlined in the United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and “AASM COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies for Sleep Clinics and Labs”. All returning WatchPAT devices for 3 days before we apply the cleaning and disinfection procedure