Sleep Apnea is a Significant Comorbidity to Cardiac Disease.

If left untreated, it may increases the risk for stroke, death from sudden cardiac arrest and cardiovascular disease and recurrence of AFib after ablation. A simple questionnaire may help to identify cardiac patients with undiagnosed sleep apnea.

AHA recommends that screening for sleep apnea risk should be integrated into routine clinical care.5 Talk to us about setting up a complete patient care pathway from screening to diagnosis to therapy to monitoring compliance with our Total Sleep Solutions.

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Total Sleep Solutions

More than 50% of cardiovascular patients remain undiagnosed or treated for sleep apnea. A simple questionnaire can help you identify patients who may be at risk for sleep apnea, making them eligible for a diagnostic sleep test.
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To be eligible for insurance coverage for sleep apnea therapy, your patients need a validated diagnosis. Diagnosis is obtained with an easy to use sleep study, performed at the patient’s home.
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Adequately treated sleep apnea has been associated with improved cardiovascular outcomes and lower rates of hospital readmission.
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The success of sleep apnea therapy depends on patients’ compliance. Compliance to therapy should be optimized to improve cardiovascular outcomes. Your patients will benefit from your staying informed and updated on their progress.
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- No Return Shipment
- No Cleaning or Charging
- Immediate Access to Sleep Data for Interpretation
- Central Sleep Apnea Identification
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- Intuitive Design for Improved Patient Comfort
- Improved Workflow with One Stop Processing
- 15 Second Rapid Data Download
- Central Sleep Apnea Identification
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