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Between 50% and 80% of AFib patients have sleep apnea,1 and the need for prompt diagnosis and treatment is clear:

Turn to WatchPAT® TurnKey for comprehensive sleep apnea management.

With this unique, innovative service, you can rest assured your patients are getting the care they need fast—with testing to treatment in as little as 2 weeks.*


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The Real-World Benefits of WatchPAT® Turnkey:

“Write the order and you’re done…I think that we’ve increased continuity, we’ve increased patient participation, we’ve increased patient interest about getting a diagnostic test they generally would have fought us against. Finally, the amount of information and data that we’re currently collecting is going to be a game-changer for the future of how we care for patients with sleep apnea.”


Sanda A. Carey, PhD, MPH, CCRN, ANP-BC, FHFSA
Baylor Scott & White Center for Advanced Heart and Lung Disease

Here’s how it works once you enroll:

Patients at risk for sleep apnea are entered into the program. Then:
  • PRESCRIBE a WatchPAT® home sleep apnea test for qualified patients
  • THAT’S IT! The WatchPAT® TurnKey program will take it from there

Fast, easy, and seamless—you prescribe the test, we can do the rest:

Continuous patient compliance monitoring and support to ensure best-in-class outcomes
  • Designed to enhance the patient’s experience and promote treatment acceptance
  • Digital compliance dashboard available online so you can check on your patients’ status anytime you want
Helps make life easier for you, your staff and your patients

Avoids the headache of preauthorization, billing and reimbursement, with:

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*On average.

References: 1. Ayache MB, Mehra R, Mayuga KA. Should I evaluate my patient with atrial brillation for sleep apnea? Clevel Clin J Med. 2019:86:709-712. DOI: https://doi.org/10.3949/ccjm. 86a.19033. 2. Shukla A, Aizer A, Holmes D, et al. Eect of obstructive sleep apnea treatment on atrial brillation recurrence: a meta-analysis. JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology. 2015;1(1-2):41-51. 3. Mehra R, Stone KL, Varosy PD, et al. Nocturnal arrhythmias across a spectrum of obstructive and central sleep-disordered breathing in older men: Outcomes of Sleep Disorders in Older Men (MrOS Sleep) Study. Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(12):1147-1155. doi:10.1001/archinternmed.2009.138.

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