Why now?

Sleep apnea is a serious cardiac threat that needs fast solutions

More than 50% of all cardiology patients, including at least one in two AFib patients, suffer from sleep apnea—a severely underdiagnosed condition that can put their lives risk.1-5

The alarming consequences of sleep apnea4-7
2x the risk of stroke
2x the risk of sudden cardiac death
5x the risk of cardiovascular mortality
57% increased risk of AFib recurrence after ablation

It is unequivocally clear that we are not effectively treating our patients with AF unless we screen them for sleep apnea.

—Dr. Larry Chinitz, MD, a leading US cardiologist in New York with 39 years of experience and specialties including clinical cardiac electrophysiology and internal medicine
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Why not?

WatchPAT® ONE is part of the WatchPAT® TurnKey solution—a remote sleep apnea diagnostic and treatment program designed specifically for cardiology practices.
Fast, easy, and seamless—you prescribe the test, we can do the rest:

Why wait?

The award-winning, fully disposable WatchPAT® ONE HSAT delivers accurate,8 comprehensive sleep study results without delay—so you can help expedite the pathway to personalized, optimized care.
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Instant results*

*Within minutes of study completion.

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Fully disposable

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Easy to use

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