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WatchPAT® looks further than AHI

Industry-leading home sleep apnea testing that’s not just fast and easy, but also highly accurate1 and uniquely comprehensive

WatchPAT® looks further than AHI

Industry-leading home sleep apnea testing that’s not just fast and easy, but also highly accurate1 and uniquely comprehensive

Nearly 30% of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have insomnia, which is associated with reduced CPAP compliance, worse treatment outcomes, lower quality of life, and serious health issues.2-5

NEW WatchPAT® with SleePATh® is an advanced, multifunctional app with an in-app questionnaire that evaluates insomnia, as well as daytime sleepiness, sleep scheduling, restless leg syndrome, and patient behavior and lifestyle.

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With a single-night study, disease severity is misclassified in up to 20% of patients.6

NEW WatchPAT® ONE-M gives you the flexibility for multi-night testing. Fully disposable to reduce infection risks, with instant results after each night’s test,* it is the WatchPAT® ONE device sleep clinicians trust.

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Patients with REM-related OSA have lower, or even normal, AHI scores and report milder daytime symptoms, which can lead to misdiagnosis.7

WatchPAT® 300 and WatchPAT® ONE HSATs are powered by breakthrough PAT® technology, which can detect sleep stages and REM sleep apnea.

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When total recording time is used, 20% of cases are misdiagnosed/misclassified.8

With advanced actigraphy that differentiates between wake
and sleep periods, WatchPAT® 300 and WatchPAT® ONE use true sleep time to calculate AHI and RDI.

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While obstructive sleep apnea is typically treated with CPAP devices or oral appliances, treatment for central sleep apnea may begin by addressing the underlying health cause.9

The Central PLUS module enables WatchPAT® 300 and WatchPAT® ONE to identify central sleep apnea and percent of sleep time with Cheyne-Stokes respiration.

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OSA severity can be misclassified and underestimated when body position is not taken into consideration.10

Both WatchPAT® 300 and WatchPAT® ONE feature the WatchPAT® Central PLUS module, which measures your patient’s body position, as well as snoring and chest motion.

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*Within minutes of test completion.

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