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Issue 1,
AFib affects 6 million lives in the US.1 Each year ~350,000 patients undergo an ablation procedure to treat this condition. Intracardiac AFib ablation carries significant risk. In particular, complications associated with the transeptal puncture and esophageal fistulas are associated with significant cost to the healthcare system and the patient.
Melih Alvo
Director of Marketing
Itamar Medical
Research linking AFib to sleep apnea has been steadily increasing. But the awareness that sleep apnea is a risk factor for AFib so far remains low. A recent survey of 1,013 Americans found that while nearly half are aware that the risk of developing AFib is increased by family history (48%) and hypertension (43%), only 16% knew that sleep apnea is a risk factor.
Sree Roy
Chief Editor
Sleep Review Magazine
The increased awareness and broad acceptance of the role of sleep apnea in cardiac disease, and the main studies and scientific statements published by the European Society of Cardiology, American Heart Association, and American College of Cardiology were the drivers behind the American Sleep Academy's "Sleep Apnea Hurts Hearts" campaign.
Gilad Glick
Itamar Medical

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