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Issue 4,

From Sleep Apnea Diagnosis to Treatment in Less Than Two Weeks on Average

by Melih Alvo
Director of Marketing

WatchPAT® Turnkey Program

The link between moderate-to-severe sleep apnea (SA) and serious cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been broadly accepted. Undiagnosed sleep apnea is a major comorbidity of CVD and a significant risk factor for atrial fibrillation, stroke, congestive heart failure, and hypertension.1 Sleep apnea puts an enormous strain on the heart and remodels the cardiac substrate through mechanical damage due to stretching, oxidative stress, and frequent sympathetic surges.2 

WatchPAT® TurnKey – See How It Works

Appropriate sleep apnea management may improve CVD treatment outcomes However, cardiology patients are often preoccupied with their heart condition and do not understand the link between their sleep apnea and their heart. They also believe that that care pathway for SA is unpleasant, expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming, requiring visits to sleep doctors and overnights in sleep centers.

92 million patients in the US have CVD3
60% also suffer from sleep apnea4
80% remain undiagnosed5 

The WatchPAT® Turnkey program offers a completely remote, seamless and automated solution to ensure cardiovascular patients are diagnosed and can start treatment for sleep apnea in under 2 weeks. The program is simple and convenient for cardiology practices and their patients.

  1. SCREENING: Patients fill out a very short questionnaire
  2. DEVICE DELIVERY: If the patient qualifies, Cardiologists order the home sleep apnea test using a secured digital health platform A WatchPAT® device is shipped directly to the patient’s home
  3. TESTING: Patients complete the sleep study within the comfort of their own bed
  4. RESULTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Test results are securely uploaded to the cloud for study interpretation and treatment recommendation by a board-certified sleep physician
  5. TREATMENT: If a patient is diagnosed positive for sleep apnea, Itamar’s® remote DMEs partners, fit the patient with, and ship, all necessary CPAP equipment directly to the patient’s home
  6. MONITORING AND COMPLIANCE: Patients are continuously monitored and supported to ensure best-in-class outcomes while cardiologists have access to a digital compliance dashboard, allowing them to view patient compliance and the effectiveness of their treatment

“The WatchPAT® Turnkey program has increased our home sleep testing compliance rate from ~50% to 90%.”

Dan Bensimhon, MD

The WatchPAT®️ Turnkey program can make diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea faster and more convenient. Long delays and non-compliance can be common in getting patients to agree to a sleep study. For cardiologists and their patients, the WatchPAT® Turnkey program requires minimal time and effort in the practice, needing only patient screening and test ordering

Daniel Bensimhon, MO, Medical Director of The Advanced Heart and Mechanical Circulatory Support Program at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro, NC, notes that there are many opportunities for a breakdown” in the process from suspicion of sleep apnea to effective treatment. He finds that Watch PAT Turnkey simplifies this process. They can order the testing device while the patient is in the clinic. Test results can be sent to the practice’s sleep physicians shortly after the patient does the study-and they can quickly move on to fulfillment of treatment equipment through one of Itamar’s® DMEs. The Watch PAT Turnkey program has reduced his patients’ logistical and emotional obstacles to sleep testing and has increased his practice’s home sleep testing compliance rate from -50% to -90%

WatchPAT® Turnkey Benefits: AT-A-GLANCE

  • It’s simple and easy
  • It’s quick. Patients can be diagnosed and on therapy within 14 days
  • No costs to the cardiology clinic
  • No need to deal with preauthorization, billing, and reimbursement
  • No need for a commercial agreement or BAA. You can start today.*


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* Account must have established BM with the IDTF that provides the sleep services

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