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Issue 1,

Closing the Loop on Sleep Apnea Management

Speaking with cardiologists across the country about the care pathway for sleep apnea management of their patients, we are often asked:

“How do I know what happens to the patient after we diagnose them?”

“How do I know what happens to the patient after we diagnose them?” A significant physician concern is the breakdown of communication regarding a patient’s care among different disciplines. This concern is being addressed by sharing vital data through hospital-networked electronic medical records (EMR) and/or proprietary software provided by outside sources. As Medicare and private insurers move toward more value-based reimbursement, physicians need the information to more accurately monitor complex patients across multiple providers. Physicians often struggle to get the information they need. Hospitals and private practices have concerns around who will fund and conduct this additional data collection and monitor the quality of the reporting. These costs further stretch medium-to-small practices to their limits. Once physicians acquire the needed information, they are often frustrated with the inability to pare down the data to make educated decisions on the patient’s care continuum.

Many industry partners have focused their attention and resources on solving these problems. Itamar Medical’s mission is to improve cardiac patient care through integration into the care continuum of innovative and clinically efficient sleep apnea management solutions that reduce overall healthcare costs.

So, how did we answer the question, “How do I know what happens to the patient after we diagnose them?”

So, how did we answer the question, “How do I know what happens to the patient after we diagnose them?” We have created SleePATh™, an IT solution to manage the data of an individual patient’s journey through the care pathway of sleep apnea management. This program is integrated into our cloud-based data solution called CloudPAT™. The interface allows the user to visualize the practice at a macro level down to micro-level patient-specific results. Using data provided by CPAP makers like Philips Respironics, we can provide a Cardio Sleep Dashboard to the cardiologist.

This dashboard allows the cardiologist to track multiple aspects of a patient’s sleep apnea status, as well as office program statistics, anytime from anywhere. The key components are:

  • Simple interface showing the care pathway progress—where the patient is in the continuum of care
  • Diagnosis status and results—did the patient receive a WatchPAT® Home Sleep Apnea Test and was it returned with a validated test result
  • CPAP compliance—has the patient met Medicare guidelines for CPAP compliance
  • The number of days and hours on CPAP
  • Residual sleep apnea—what is the severity of sleep apnea, as identified by the Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) while wearing the CPAP.

The SleePATh product is available, at no charge, as part of the turnkey program for Cardiology called the Total Sleep Solutions (TSS). TSS is a one-of-a-kind sleep apnea management service for the cardiology practice, providing diagnosis and treatment planning to millions of cardiac patients with undiagnosed sleep apnea.

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