Maximum Benefit for Your Patients, Minimum Effort for Your Clinic with a Seamless Sleep Apnea Solution.

Maximum Benefit for Your Patients, Minimum Effort for Your Clinic with a Seamless Sleep Apnea Solution.

Take Control Over Sleep Apnea Diagnoses & Treatment in 1-2 Weeks

The WatchPAT™ Turnkey Program by Itamar Medical is a remote sleep apnea management program designed to go from diagnosis to treatment within up to 2 weeks, which is good news for patients.

Offer A Full Home-Based Sleep Study – Simple, Safe and At No Additional Cost

  • Seamless care at no additional cost
    Provide your patients with quality sleep apnea diagnosis & treatment at absolutely no extra cost to your practice

  • Safe, simple, and patient-friendly
    Patients benefit from an easy-to-use, ship-to-patient remote program designed to improve compliance and maximize infection control

  • Improve outcomes, with no additional burden
    Once you’ve made the referral, everything from testing to billing and reimbursement will be handled as part of the program

Keep Your Clinic Up & Running

Leave your details, and an Itamar Medical associate will contact you to explain how you can offer your Afib patients a complete “from home” sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment program – today.

Ready to get started?

Refer your patients for sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment with the WatchPAT Turnkey Program by Itamar Medical and your patients will receive a full care pathway – without the need to leave their homes.

If diagnosed with sleep apnea, your patients will receive home-based CPAP therapy care and remote respiratory therapy consultation followed by ongoing compliance monitoring for long-term adherence. Remote insurance coverage verification, preauthorization, and billing are also provided as part of the program. As their physician, you will have access to the testing data and can choose to be notified about patients’ non-compliance.



Treat Sleep Apnea
With Our Total Sleep Solutions

- No Cost to the Account
- No Need to Deal with Billing
- No Additional Work

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