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Discover the role HSATs can play in reducing backlogs and the benefits of an advanced HSAT that looks further than AHI

Backlogs: an ongoing challenge for sleep clinics

Waitlists in sleep centers—in many cases extending 3 to 4 months—have grown considerably longer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.1 The sleep community needs solutions now—not only to get through this difficult time, but to help prevent lengthy backlogs in the future.
The COVID-19 Sleep Center Impact Study provides important insights
Home sleep testing—which was increasing at a record-setting pace prior to the pandemic1—has since become an essential tool in sleep medicine.

According to the study of 100 leading sleep medicine professionals1:

The ratio of home sleep testing vs in-lab testing was more than 2 to 11

Home sleep testing: rising to the challenge

Increasing adoption, investment, and availability of at-home greater access to patient care, particularly during crises diagnostics, therapeutic pathways, and clinical management enable greater access to patient care, particularly during crises."

– Covid-19 Sleep Center Impact Study1
  • When the doors of sleep labs were shut, home sleep testing opened the pathway to care for countless patients
  • As pandemic restrictions ease, it can continue its vital role by helping to reduce backlogs caused by limited in-lab capacity and increased demand for sleep testing
WatchPAT® ONE: Looking further than AHI for diagnostic confidence outside the lab

Goes far beyond standard HSAT metrics
Provides comprehensive sleep data that can facilitate an accurate diagnosis, including:

  • Central and obstructive sleep apnea differentiation
    Identifies central sleep apnea and percent of sleep time with Cheyne-Stokes respiration

  • Sleep-stage detection
    Powered by breakthrough PAT® technology that can detect sleep stages and REM sleep apnea

  • True sleep time metrics
    Uses advanced actigraphy that differentiates between wake and sleep periods so true sleep time is used to calculate AHI and RDI

  • Insomnia assessment
    Supported by an advanced mobile app with an in-app questionnaire that evaluates insomnia, as well as daytime sleepiness, sleep scheduling, and more

Fast, easy to use, and highly accurate2

  • Fully disposable to reduce infection risks
  • Instant* results via the cloud
  • Technology that has been clinically validated vs PSG2

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*Within minutes of test completion.

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